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This is where I’ll be writing entries and my professional thoughts / arguments on the broad spectrum of mental health in Ireland, with a main focus on autism and interventions for both children and adults in Ireland.

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Caroline Goldsmith Psychologist Biography 

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Ms. Caroline Goldsmith is an Ireland based psychologist. She’s got over 20 years of experience working in the mental health service and mainly focuses on autism assessments and interventions.

With over a decade of practice in the mental health field, much of her work is focused on research into expert evidence regarding autism assessment (including a significant proportion in child and adult pathology).

Ms. Goldsmith runs a private practice in Ireland allowing many private clients to get an autism diagnosis.

Ms. Goldsmith has practiced psychology privately and has helped many families and parents attain private assessments for their children to diagnose autism and where necessary hold an early intervention.

A lot of the work Ms. Goldsmith does is focused on improving the problems in the Irish national health service that are vastly neglected, mainly reducing the waiting times for many parents and vulnerable families looking for autism assessments in Ireland.

When Caroline Goldsmith started working in the area of mental health, the manner of assessment was varied and inconsistent. Through her career, Caroline Goldsmith has been working hard to develop a standard of assessment protocols to be used during private assessments across the mental health service, including cutting edge psychometric training in autism assessment.

Caroline Goldsmith has a long list of qualifications starting with a bachelors programme social science Certificate from the Open University. In 2016, she qualified as MSc in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London.

Ms. Goldsmith has spent a large amount of her career history as a researcher, at many universities around the globe, specialising in autism intervention, including the University of East London (national academy).

Ms. Goldsmith founded and chairs the Forensic Science Society of Ireland (FSSI) in 2012. The society aims to provide a database of publicly accessible forensic services in Ireland, to provide education information that helps understanding of forensic sciences, and to provide and engage in research into topics of interest for the public and scientific community. She has been inspired my the work of Martin Seligman and the drastic need to improve autism assessments on children in Ireland via improved clinical psychology. She continues to work passionately, diligently, and professionally to support her private clients with autism assessments on children.

Caroline Goldsmith Qualifications

Full list of qualifications as at 2023:

  • 2022: PGC in PA (first offering) – University of Malta.
  • 2021: MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology – Newman University.
  • 2019: BPS Accredited Certificate Occupational Ability Psychometric Testing Certified Test User.
  • 2018: Certificate in Clinical Educational Assessment – PSI Dublin.
  • 2017: Certificate Updated Counselling Techniques.
  • 2016: Certificate ADOS Clinical Setting – Trinity College, Dublin, Department of Psychiatry.
  • 2016: WPS certification in Autism Testing with ADI-R Competency.
  • 2016: MSc in Applied Positive Psychology – UEL.
  • 2015: PGD – University of East London.
  • 2014: PGC – University of East London.
  • 2014: CPD BPS Certificate in Working with Children with Autism 3, Working with Adults with Autism 2, Working with Children with Autism 1.
  • 2012: Train the Trainer Certificate – Waterford Chamber of Commerce.
  • 2011: Certificate in Clinical Neuroanatomy – International Neuro-Psychological Society.
  • 2010: Certificate in Clinical Neuro-pharmacology – International Neuro-Psychology Society.
  • 2013: Diploma in Drug & Alcohol Counselling Psychology, CMIT Institute, Dublin.
  • 2012: Workplace Psych Diploma, CMIT Institute, Dublin.
  • 1998: Bachelors Programme Social Science Certificate – Open University (Online University), UK. Online University.


  • Personal and Collective Resilience Building- A Suicide Prevention Program for Schools Using Positive Psychology. Consultancy Project for an Irish Secondary School

Journal of Neurology and Stroke March 2016 http://medcraveonline.com/JNSK/JNSK-04-00133.pdf · Mar 11, 2016Journal of Neurology and Stroke March 2016 http://medcraveonline.com/JNSK/JNSK-04-00133.pdf · Mar 11, 2016

Ms Goldsmith’s research is published in a significant proportion of peer-reviewed publications on topics including:

  • Suicide Prevention.
  • Resilience Building.
  • Positive Thinking Application.
  • Autism.
  • ADHD.
  • Psychopathy.
  • PTSD and post traumatic growth.
  • Parenting Capacity Assessment (PCA).
  • Assessment Reform.
  • Workplace Rehabilitation.
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology.
  • Social Media Psychopathy.

Ms Goldsmith (Caroline Goldsmith Ireland Clinical Psychologist) continues to pursue research including her current piece on “The effects of high conflict separation on neuroplasticity in children – by Psychologist Caroline Goldsmith“.