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It has been my great pleasure to write some recent articles Caroline Goldsmith on current topics of interest that I would like to share. Such topics as DCA allowance and Appeals process, PTSD and Autism waiting lists and assessment process have been explored.

Recent Articles Caroline Goldsmith explores the topic of why an early approach when a parents suspects symptoms of autism in their child, is the best course of action ——- Why children need early intervention for AUTISM is a vital article looking at the issues behind Irish waiting lists

Personal Website list of interesting facts about Caroline Goldsmith can be found here as its always good to know about more about the author. My life work has been long and interesting and always connected with Autism and furthering this cause for the bettermnet of children and adults… Https://

Children who are denied state services are entitled to have their needs met in the private sector and this article goes through the process to obtain a DCA Allowance and appeals process

This article was very necessary given the current delays from the HSE for Autistic children to get assessments. delays can range from 3-7 years depending on which county you live in. Some children who are borderline for the adult services then age out of the whole process. The Critical Problem of Autism Diagnosis Waiting Times in Ireland – Suntrics Article

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Caroline Goldsmith Consulting Clinical Psychologist discusses Irish GDPR issues for Autistic families –

Recent Articles Caroline Goldsmith end this page with an article on PTSD often a complex disorder that can be overlaped by other conditions and presentations. – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Treatment Implications from a Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) Perspective incorporating Positive Psychology Interventions within Cognitive Behavioural Approaches: Review Article

The history and evolution of autism assessment and practices in Ireland | Caroline Goldsmith Psychologist –